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  • Metamorfosi 1
  • Metamorfoi 2
  • Metamorfosi 3
  • Metamorfosi 4
  • Metamorfosi 5
  • Metamorfosi 6
  • Metamorfosi 7


Metamorfosi is the series of countertop washbasins aimed at satisfying aesthetics and functionality. Design, quality and price in five solutions with monochromatic and bicolor finishes.

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  • Tratto 1
  • Tratto 2
  • Tratto 3
  • Tratto 4
  • Tratto 5


Linearity, cleanliness and development are the characteristics of the Tratto series of washbasins. Added to this are capacity and versatility thanks to the suspended or free-standing elements, also positioned on furniture created for them.

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  • Paddle 1


Paddle washbasins are born from the need to have a modern, minimalist and elegant countertop washbasin. The voluptuous lines and the creative personality are enhanced by the Olympia colour palette.

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  • Trend 1
  • Trend 2
  • Trend 3
  • Trend 4
  • Trend 5
  • Trend 6
  • Trend 7


The low height and the visible edge ensure the Trend washbasins a unique style. The comfortable basin is without an overflow hole. Elegance and functionality make it suitable for different environments and support surfaces.

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  • Smash 1
  • Smash 2
  • Smash 3


Square or rectangular shape, the SMASH wall hung washbasins have an agreeable and geometrical shape from a minimal design.

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  • Clear 1


Washbasin Clear in a sit on version has a sinous shape, a real furnishing object, taking care of the details.

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  • Tokio 1
  • Tokio 2


Sit on 50 cm and 60 cm washbasin don’t have an over flow. This is for protecting minimal appearence of ceramic item.

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  • Atee 1
  • Atene 2
  • Atene 3
  • Atene 4


A countertop washbasin with soft lines and an oval, round, square or rectangular shape.

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  • Londra 1
  • Londra 2


The sit on basin with 17 cm height is ample even if their dimensions are not too big, thanks to the thin border that increases their capacity.

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  • Tondo 1

Round Basin

The small round washbasin present a perfect level of water containment, thanks to the big thickness of the border.

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  • Roger 1
  • Roger 2
  • Roger 3
  • Roger 4
  • Roger 5


Roger countertop built-in washbasins may look the same but the structure of the internal basin is significantly different, one has a rigid line while the other has a soft basin.

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  • Tris 1


Tris washbasin has a typical border that is suitable also on a shelf installation with a wall mounted tap.

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  • Dress 1


Four glazed sides, rectangular washbasin, perfectly suitable with the two options, with the border under or upon top.

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The Vinyl washbasin is also available without a decal complete with white drain.

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  • Export 1


Built-in single hole countertop washbasin with a traditionally oval shape.

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  • Standard 1


Three-hole built-in basin with traditionally oval shape.

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  • Sottopiano 1
  • Sottopiano 2
  • Sottopiano 3


Under top oval, round and rectangular.

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